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Development Management Programme-Microlab on Counseling 


Every organization is made up of human resources. Acquiring the services, of an organization’s human resources developing their skills motivating them to high levels of performance, and ensuring that they continue to maintain their commitment are essential in achieving the organizational objectives. This is true regardless of the type of organization. Experience shows that a managers or team leader’s investment on their staff contributes to the success greatly. To be effective as a manager or team leader, one has to manage people with differing emotional and professional needs. Having the counseling skills and the confidence to deal with these potentially sensitive and emotionally – challenging situations, improves the personal development and ensures a good work environment. One of the most difficult human resource development skills to acquire is in counseling, which helps to cope personally and handle interface problems. In this context, counseling skills are becoming vital for managers and team leaders who are required to deal with the staff on a one – to – one basis on sensitive issues affecting their motivation and performance.


The basic purpose of counseling is to assist individuals to make their own decision from the several choices available to them to enhance their personal and performance effectiveness. The ability to counsel is essential in the work place to maximize their human resources. Thus counseling is a way of enabling choice or change for reducing confusion. Organization that has managers or Team leaders trained in counseling will be better able to handle their people issues.

The microlab on counseling is organized for senior executives of NGOs to offer a step – by – step guide to counseling practices. The programme would encourages participants to develop a range of counseling competencies. This interactive microlab will teach several practical tools and techniques which will build on the existing managerial skills and develop those skills in an effective way that can be used with peers, subordinates, and seniors at work and in all other areas of life.


  • To understand and appreciate the need of counseling and provide with necessary attitude, skills and knowledge (ASK) required to function effectively.
  • To develop relationship skills to apply in workplace situations.
  • To have skills on listening, responding, probing and caring confrontations.


The programme has four modules dealing with the concepts, experiential learning and action planning modules.

Module I: Overview of Counseling – concepts and Principles

This module includes exercises to identify participant’s feelings about the term ‘counseling’ and to clarify the crucial differences between being a counselor and other HR roles.

Module II: Exploring ‘Self’ in counseling

This module enables participants to share their experience, assess themselves, and appreciate seeing issues from the other person’s point of view : a key requirement for the use of counseling skills.

Module III: Core skills in counseling

This module would demonstrate the skills such as listening, responding, probing and caring confrontations and the different approach that can be used.

Module IV: Action Planning

This module would give each participant space to practice using all the counseling skills learned and receive feedback from the group. It also facilitates action planning to contextualize the lessons from the microlab to their own work place.


During the microlab, the participants will have the opportunity to explore at theoretical, experiential and practical levels. Experiential exercises, experience sharing, group interactions, simulations and administering instruments will be the methodology.

Outcome: This interactive microlab will enhance the counseling skills for use in the everyday life and in the workplace. It will also enable the participant to cope up with situations of change and significant transition. The outcomes are:

  • Concept clarity on counseling and skills.
  • Confidence in counseling interventions in handling the team.
  • Counseling skills to practice in the workplace.

Duration: 3 days (June07-09, 2010)

For whom: Executives, Managers or Team leaders with atleast 3 years of work experience in NGOs will find this microlab useful.

Venue & Accommodation: The programme will be held in the Tata – Dhan Academy campus.

Programme Fee:Rs.4,000/- participant. The fee includes on – campus boarding and lodging, resource kit and use of library and computer facilities. The fee shall be made through Demand Draft favouring ‘Tata - Dhan Academy’ payable at Madurai.

Nomination:The enclosed nomination from duly filled in should reach us by May 25, 2010.

Programme Coordinator

Mrs. M. Umarani
Programme Leader
Tata-Dhan Academy
DHAN Foundation

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