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Life at TDA


The academy prides itself that it not only teaches the subjects but also focusses on improving the attitude and morals of each student. Every Working day morning, students assemble in the prayer hall and share valuable thoughts, reflections, saying by great people and Thirukural Reading. Each student is asked to reflect on any of the 18 core values provided in their student handbook, how they are adopting those values after coming to academy, its challenges and how they are going to improve it as a self-regulatory process.


Shramdhan is a useful way to make leisure time more productive. Students perform shramdhan individually or in groups, helping to maintain students’ living areas, maintain the campus premises and playgrounds, planting saplings, and watering the hostel orch ard. They also encouraged to do social work in the nearby villages like cleaning temples, blood camps, health camps, etc


Yoga is also one of the key practice followed in the academy. It also included in each term as a course. Students had to do yoga three days in a week with a faculty and remaining days students are asked to do by themselves. Students will be evaluated based on punctuality, attendance, practice of various activities and exam. The precise choice of components and weights will be allocated by the faculty concerned.


Students can watch TV during leisure time. Whenever students want to view movies during Sundays or holidays, they can screen movies with the permission of the Warden. Facilities are available for lawn tennis, volleyball, badminton, and cricket. Students can make use of those grounds and play in evening time. Besides these, carrom, chess, and other indoor games are available in the hostel.

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  • Tata-Dhan Academy,
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