Centre for Facilitating Philanthropy

DHAN Foundation works on promoting a 'culture of sharing' by creating meaningful opportunities and partnerships, among poor communities with whom working with, as well as the general public and corporate houses in India and abroad.

Centre for Facilitating Philanthropy (CFP) thus develops context-specific philanthropic products and various forms of 'giving' as per the need of the community. It works with the Corporates and Indian Diaspora with a long-term perspective, on a partnership mode, that seeks to build on each other’s competencies and areas of interest to bring about an enduring and lasting benefit to the poor communities. It also established 'Friends of DHAN' Chapters to aid development work in India and in other select countries.

The Centre builds awareness among the individuals or a group of individuals to understand the development work through field visits, and motivates them to provide support for such works, which would be mutually beneficial to both the givers, and the poor community. With the resources raised from the individuals and institutions the Centre supports small community projects that have the elements of community contribution, collective action and sustainability.