Centre for finance

The Centre for Finance (CF) is an integral part of the central office, collating financial functions across programmes, centres and thematic organisations of the DHAN Collective. The main aim of the centre is to build a transparent and fool proof financial management system at all levels of the DHAN Collective.

The centre evolves financial policies for the organisation and other institutions in DHAN Collective and people's organisations. The centre ensures online accounting system with the support of accounting software packages and builds capacity of accountants and finance managers for it.

The centre facilitates the audit process and statutory compliances of DHAN Collective institutions and People Organisations promoted by it. With a sound internal auditing system and continued interaction with the panel of Charted Accountants constituted for these institutions, the Centre ensures regular appraisal and feedback for the quality of books and expenses.

The centre develops operational accounting manuals and provides ICAI-formulated accounting guidelines for quality audit standards to ensure uniformity in programmes and institutions of the DHAN Collective.

The centre also coordinates Employees Provident Fund scheme with the government -owned Employees Provident Fund Organisation. Further it also manages the Staff Gratuity Funds with LIC of India. In addition to managing staff group accident and medi-claim policies with insurance companies, the Centre also manages legal compliances and corpus investments. It could ensure systems for budget monitoring and approval through Financial Responsibility Centres (FRCs).